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Nerello Mascalese is one of the most fascinating and elegant Italian red wines.
This precious vine made its first appearance in history with the Greek colonization when they filled with this grape the slopes of the Volcano and temples dedicated to Dionysus – identified in Rome as Bacchus – the god of wine and ecstasy. Subsequently, in Roman times, the County of Mascali (close Taormina in Sicily), from which the name Mascalese is said to derive, played a very important role in its diffusion. Today Nerello Mascalese is the grape most present around Etna Volcano but you can find it besides in various Docs of the island of Sicily and in Calabria.
Autochthonous Sicilian and absolute protagonist of the Etna area as it represents its power and elegance: it inherits its extraordinary nuances, enclosing them in a wine with an intense flavor and opulent notes, which decree its uniqueness also thanks to the deep soil rich in ash, mineral salts and sand, characteristics of the highest active Volcano in Europe that as such tells an ancient story, a story of millions of years ago, fascinating and frightening at the same time: the uncontrollable force of nature, which creates and destroys, in an absolute sense and also in relation to wine.
The grapes grown on Etna soils give the wine unrepeatable characteristics because the lapilli of which the magma is formed, which give substance to the soil, are mainly made of silica, iron and magnesium and the vineyard absorbing these “moods”, characteristics of the Volcanic Terroir, its returns them to the glass with a minerality and nuances unique in the world.

Etna Volcano

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