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“Wine and Volcano: energy of the territory”
Nerello Mascalese is the undisputed King of the vines present on the mystical Etna Volcano, located on the east coast of Sicily, an eternal land of fire and passions, and inherits its extraordinary nuances, enclosing them in a wine with an intense flavor and opulent notes , which decree its undisputed uniqueness. Uniqueness partly due to the deep soil rich in ash, mineral salts and sand of the highest active volcano in Europe which, with its 3330m above sea level and its majestic conical shape, dominates the splendid Catania and the romantic Taormina.
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It is a unique opportunity to own such an important website, especially in this modern era with all the communication going through the web. Promoting a wine means enhancing its territory, this is the mission of this web site. Here, you will find a dedicated blog, an opportunity to taste the selection of Nerello Mascalese by ROSSOSICILIANO®.

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ROSSOSICILIANO® is the trademark that concentrate his work around the king of Etna Volcano: Nerello Mascalese because is the maximum expression of the Land and the Brand. Is an unique product, with organoleptic traits and include the ruby red hue with light garnet streaks, the intense scent of red berries, subtle floral nuances and a spicy touch, besides the mild flavour of vanilla and tobacco with persistent liquorice, the dry, warm, persistent and harmonious tannin flavour and full-bodied texture. The wine presents as more mature than what taste and scent seem to infer. This is the effect of ageing in barrels and micro-oxygenation thanks to the use of natural cork stoppers, as in the most ancient secular tradition.


Today, Everyone wants “to do Etna”. Volcanic wines are a constantly growing trend.
Their particular relationship with the Terroir of origin is among the most debated topics of the last decade in the world of wine. 

The mission of ROSSOSICILIANO®, the only one to own the precious, is to export the best Sicilian wines around the world.  

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Nerello Mascalese is the result of this elements

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