is a premium domain. Why is so precious?

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What Exactly is a Premium Domain Name?

Once you understand what makes premium domains valuable, you’ll appreciate more!

Contains keywords with high domain authority. Two elements of a domain name that absolutely do affect SEO are age and domain authority. Domain authority is a value that shows the regard that Google holds a domain in, and purchasing an authoritative domain can save months or years on your SEO efforts.
Nerello Mascalese identifies both the name of both the vine and the wine. Many wines have different names from the grape they originate from. For example: I’m the lucky owner also of the The Lacryma Christi is the most evocative wine from Vesuvius Volcano but, is the name of wines, not of the grapes from which it is born.

Extension. With over 1.5 billion websites on the internet today, it is very difficult to find important domains like that have available the .com (if not at very high prices). Plus, when you want people to memorize your website address, a .com extension is your best bet. If you’ve noticed all the biggest companies in the world use .com because is definitely the most authoritative and most important.

Brandability. For the most part, you can understand premium domain names via the concept of brandable. When a domain name is easier to build a brand around, it’s more recognizable and, therefore, more valuable. Premium domain names are expensive for the simple reason that the ease with which customers can remember and access them means that they help websites gain a critical advantage in today’s competitive marketplace. Etna is a UNESCO Heritage site and Nerello Mascalese grows mainly around this Volcano. Furthermore, there are many Nerello Mascalese producers who sell and export this wine around the world and consequently thousands of people look for it, buy it and drink it.

Trust. You need to build trust with your customers to win and achieve great success. The internet is many things, but inherently reliable it isn’t. Because of this, people look for some subtle indicators when they make a judgment and shop on your website and figure out whether it is trustworthy or not. Your business domain name is, esactly, one of those indicators, in the jungle of web.

Type-in Traffic. Some premium keyword domains have the added benefit of receiving type-in traffic, or traffic from people typing the domain URL directly into their browsers instead of searching for it on a search engine.

Desirable Keywords: Names comprised of or based on popular business keywords are often premium domain names. The more desirable the business keyword, the more expensive the name tends to be. 

Scalable. Most premium domain names are broad enough that they can encompass not only what your business is currently, but what may become in the future. For example, think about the visibility of a dedicated e-commerce. Figures from the US Census Bureau show that online retail sales in the United States have grown rapidly over the past two decades, rising from 5 million in 1998 to over 2,000 billion in 2021. In Europe, the total turnover of businesses from e-commerce accounted for 15% in 2014, growing to 19% in 2017 (source: Eurostat).

You can’t translate it. Vino, Wine, Wein… You can translate the word “wine” into your native language. But in every part of the world Nerello Mascalese is the same and cannot be translated. If you look in the home of the site I have also put audio files that teach you to pronounce it as in Italy.

Website and domain. An important domain like must also have a performing site. That is why it is cared for in every detail and its SEO score 100/100. Having a safe, beautiful and technologically advanced site increases its overall value. seo score

Sell ​​it? Yes I could. But I would like more for it to be appreciated and used by local producers to further increase the visibility of this wonderful wine in the global market.

Logo. Look at this bunch of grapes: they look like volcanic lava lapilli and the stem of the bunch wants to represent the Etna volcano that gives birth to its fruit. Because the Nerello Mascalese is the son of the Etna Volcano. The power of the symbol becomes essential when you want to explain who you are.

Thank you for your time
Michele Romano

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