Nerello mascalese: how to open the bottle, THE RIGHT WAY


Have you ever had to open a bottle of wine in front of friends or relatives and suddenly feel embarrassed? It is not trivial. Opening the bottle of your Nerello Mascalese wine well is the first step for a correct tasting. It’s not a one euro wine… so start well!

It is easy to stumble into embarrassing situations, between caps extracted into pieces or, worse still, bottles that swing and, at best, spill half their contents. To avoid a dramatic ending, risking ruining the wine and the atmosphere, here is a short easy guide. Enjoy that

Two recommendations before starting:

  • Pay attention to the serving temperature, the red Nerello Mascalese should be served at a temperature between 15 ° – 18 ° C.
  • Use the corkscrew with knife. There are a thousand types and designs of corkscrews, but the one we recommend you use is the corkscrew with knife, spiral and lever.

1) Remove the capsule

Score the capsule at the end, the rib you find on the neck of the bottle, and cut it in a circular way and make sure it has been cut cleanly. Score the capsule vertically, from the height of the lip to the top of the bottle.

Again with the use of the small knife, at this point you can lift one corner of the capsule and eliminate it but only the upper part because the other remains glued to the neck of the bottle.

Remove the capsule

2) Use of the corkscrew

After closing the knife, you can open the spiral of your corkscrew. The tip is inserted in the center of the cap, holding the bottle resting on the table and firmly screwing the spiral clockwise. At this stage you will have to be careful not to pierce the whole cap: just stop before the last turn of the spiral.


3) Remove the cork

At this point, place the shorter lever of the corkscrew on the mouth of the bottle and start pulling. Then, switch to the longer lever. Always hold the bottle vertically on the table and with one hand resting just below the neck and the other on the corkscrew. When the cork begins to make less resistance, you can complete the extraction by twisting it slightly … and that’s it!

Remove the cork

4) Smell the cork

This way you can make sure that the wine is in perfect shape. It is not difficult to recognize if the cork is defective and therefore if the wine tastes like a cork: the smell is pungent and unpleasant, reminiscent of wet cardboard. Trust me: if you happen to have a stopper like this you will recognize it!

Smell the cork

Ps. Now when you go to the restaurant you will pay more attention to how they open the wine to you and you too will become better at home with your friends. Oh I forgot … at the restaurant, ask them to leave the cork at the table and smell it too..

Thank you for your time
Michele Romano



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